We connect people to quiet through workshops, tranquility trails, soundwalks, online projects and audio products for charities, community groups and businesses.


tranquillity trails

We develop immersive tranquillity trails encouraging people to take exercise while appreciating the peace available to us on our doorsteps.

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contemplative listening workshops

Our arts workshops have a wonderful potential to foster calm awareness and creativity through contemplative listening exercises and 'slow art' making. We offer one-off and short courses tailored to the needs of those we work with. We are also developing a 5-day course that acts as a mini-retreat for those that want to move deeper into mindful listening.

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quiet space online

We develop, deliver and integrate e-health initiatives that employ digital and social media for wellbeing. We also 


wellbeing soundwalks

We organise a variety of soundwalks to encourage deep listening and build connection with quiet, in both urban and rural soundscapes. These walks can be tailored to the requirements of the groups and organisations we work for.


slow media for patient wellbeing

We are working with arts and mental health groups to create a menu of 'slow media' pieces for patients to access through iPads at the Royal Berkshire Hospital. 


sound and music

Our team of musicians, sound designers and producers can carefully craft sound and music for a range of projects from outdoor events, audio trails, museum exhibits, headphone experiences, community performances and media productions. We also invite DJs to offer mixes to support moments of quiet.


wellbeing days

We are working with our partners Nature Nurture to develop wellbeing days for businesses and organisations, integrating creativity, conservation and wellbeing. Contact us for more information

how we support wellbeing

Paying attention to the present moment (


Care-full, attentive listening helps us slow down, develop a calm focus and appreciate everyday experiences more intensely, encouraging us to be more compassionate towards ourselves, others and the environment.

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Connection with others

Making art brings people together in a relaxed and friendly environment, encouraging the exchange of ideas, stories and experiences, while promoting cooperation, friendship and feelings of belonging.

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By sharing our experiences and creations we can inspire others, spark their interest, make them smile and foster understanding. Quietly connecting with others nurtures positive feelings of purpose and self-worth.


Keeping active

Soundwalks, field recording and other slow arts activities get us out and about, benefitting our health and wellbeing.



Sound arts practice develops a range of personal, creative and technical skills that boost self-confidence, raise self-esteem and foster a sense of purpose.

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Accessing Quiet

Small Silence is committed to protecting and promoting access to public quiet spaces, helping us to experience positive silences in the day that support our wellbeing.