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We are committed to fostering quiet for wellbeing. Through arts projects and research we work with charities, trusts, NGOs and the health sector to promote quiet and cultivate stillness.

positive soundscapes for patient recovery

We are currently working with the NHS to explore ways in which positive soundscapes can support patient recovery in intensive care units. 



We offer listening-based wellbeing days for corporate clients and are developing quiet pods that draw on soundscape research to offer employees small retreats during their working day.

tranquility trails in urban areas

Working with YourTour audio trail app, small silence develops tranquility trails to encourage city-dwellers to explore quiet green spaces in urban areas.

quiet online

we use social media and online platforms to encourage visitors to capture and share moments of stillness and inspire others to do the same.

quiet green spaces

Small Silence supports the work of Silent Space, a charity dedicated to providing opportunities for quiet in green spaces across the UK.