tranquillity trails

we have developed a range of immersive audio trails that encourage local people to visit quiet spots on their doorsteps

Bourne Valley Audio Tour

summer 2019

Bourne Valley Audio Tour
00:00 / 01:35

Working with Nature Nurture and YourTour to create a story-based tour for Bourne Valley in Colchester. Three local characters entertain the listener with historical anecdotes and fascinating facts about the areas wildlife.

audio blackspots

autumn 2019

Harris Gardens Tranquillity Trail

summer 2020

audio blackspots
00:00 / 01:38

Audio Blackspots unveiled the disturbing soundscapes concealed amidst Reading’s network of waterways. Revealing sounds normally submerged, entombed within objects or existing beyond the reach of our senses, each stop on the tour draws attention to an audio blackspot, a site of disquieting sonic collisions. A commission from Reading Thames Festival.

Combining field recordings from workshops, interviews with botanists and historians, children's poetry and anecdotes, this audio-based tranquility trail encourages visitors to spend time in Reading University's treasured Harris Gardens. The tour will be developed on the YourTour app later in 2020.

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