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© 2019 small silence

the rush to be someone

The field recordings on this upcoming cassette release (March 2018) are intuitive compositions, impulses surfacing from the noisy silence between thoughts. Transducers and amplifiers expose sound worlds veiled to the ears, while recording renders these rememberings, solid and shareable, for a time at least. Calming and focusing the mind marks the beginning of the practice, doggedly bringing it back to the sound present, studying it, sitting with it, waiting for resonance with its movement. With interior stillness, the everyday is consecrated, arriving full of opportunity to hear what forgetfulness lost. Listening to the mundane, washing up, making tea, walking a footpath, all become ritual, acts imbued with care and benevolence, heightened by their transience and interconnectedness. Listened to in this way, these recordings rekindle that which is forgotten in the rush to become someone.

Give up on reflection

Give up on longing

Give up on running

Give up on apathy


Give up on binaries,

on cataloguing and future-proofing.


Give up on stories

Give up on theories

Give up on meaning

Give up on hope


Then listen.