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Small Silence soundwalks employ a range of listening exercises to explore our relationship with everyday sounds. They also provide an opportunity for participants to respond to the soundscape through mapping, photography, sketching, knitting, creative writing and a host of other activities. The soundwalks are both informative and aim to cultivate a calm presence, not only beneficial for creative responses but providing the foundation for a clearer understanding of the impact of sounds on wellbeing.

small silence creative writing sound-art-walk (July 2019)


Reading Tree Warden soundwalk

12th October 2019

This soundwalk explored the suburban green space of Highwood, near Reading, UK. The walk, led by sound artist Richard Bentley and writer and naturalist Geoff Sawers, explored the mature redwoods, yews and other fascinating species found there. Whilst leaving plenty of time for quiet appreciation of the woodland soundscape, Richard spoke about the role of trees and shrubs in addressing noise-pollution and the restorative qualities of woodland soundscapes.

Highwood Under Yew
Highwood Under Beech

HushCity mapping soundwalk


5th September 2019


As part of Soundwalk Sunday 2019, Small Silences' Richard Bentley led a sound-mapping soundwalk in collaboration with HushCity. Participants used smartphones to log quiet spaces around central Reading, contributing photos, sound recordings and reflections on their experience of soundscape. The locations and data are then uploaded and accessible to those looking for a quiet space to be.

sketching soundwalk

14th July 2019

As part of Readipop Festival, Small Silence teamed up again with Reading Urban Sketchers to listen to the soundscapes around Caversham Lock and Weir in Reading. Sketchers responded in a variety of ways mixing more traditional sketching with sound-mark-making.

creative writing soundwalk


3rd July 2019

A sound-art-walk with artist, writer and naturalist Geoff Sawers using creative writing techniques to respond to the soundscape of West Reading. The walk took a widdershins path through the soundscapes of West Park, the River Thames, Oxford Road and ending at the Abu Bakr Mosque.

"I would say it was enjoyable but it was much more than that...a reward."

photography soundwalk


1st July 2019

Listening and walking with Reading-based architectural photographer Peter Savage to explore the relationship between quiet spaces and visual 'silence'. The walk responded to the soundscapes of the non-conformist chapel that now houses Waterstones and  St Mary’s Minster.

"New insights into the way we hear, and strategies for appreciating the realm of sound."

KNITSONIK soundwalk


30th June 2019

This sound-art-walk combined listening and knitting to explore soundscapes around Reading, taking in St John’s Road, the Royal Berkshire Hospital Chapel and the Museum of English Rural Life. We were accompanied by sound artist and local expert knitter Felicity Ford (KNITSONIK).

sketching soundwalk


29th June 2019

A collaboration between small silence and Reading Urban Sketchers group. Sound sketching is drawing what you hear and the sketch is a record of the time on location and a representation of the sounds you noticed relative to yourself. The walk also involved sketching those aspects of the environment that promote a sense of quiet.

"Great fun!"

wellbeing soundwalk


11th May 2019

This sound-art-walk at Earth Living Festival explored the places we go for quiet. Activities included guided sound meditations, kinh hanh (walking meditation) and sounding the architecture of the Medieval St Peter's Church.

"Made me realise how little I walk in silence and actually listen to my surroundings. This helped to ground me and make me feel more connected to everything around me."