quiet space

We work with local people and partner organisations to encourage access to quiet spaces through soundwalks, mapping, workshops and certification.

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mapping public quiet spaces

Small Silence is working with Hush City app. to improve access to local quiet spaces and raise awareness of their value to local populations.

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quiet space certification

Protecting, promoting and raising awareness of the value of quiet through Quiet Parks certification. Benefits of certification include:

  • Improving visitor's physical and mental wellbeing.

  • Supporting the conservation of wildlife and preserves habitats.

  • Generating business in quiet tourism.

  • Driving media interest and social media engagement.

  • Boosting visitor numbers and membership.

Through soundwalks and other public engagement activities, we help map and evaluate public quiet spaces, contributing to citizen science research.

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quiet in green spaces

Small Silence supports the work of Silent Space, a charity dedicated to providing opportunities for quiet in green spaces across the UK. 

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tranquillity trails

Working with YourTour to provide immersive app-based audio tours, encouraging local people to explore the quiet spaces on their doorstep.


quiet space soundwalks

Working with communities, local government and NGOs to explore issues around noise pollution and the protection and promotion of urban quiet. Soundwalks can include:

  • Workshop exploring noise pollution, quiet space protection and soundscape perception.

  • Practical exercises engaging in soundscape analysis, sound level measurement and app-based mapping activities. 

  • Exploration of auraldiversity and the ways the soundscape is experienced.

  • Practical issues and potential solutions for implementing soundscape improvements.