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© 2019 small silence

kinh hanh

The recordings in this series capture the sound of walking meditations in a variety of environments. The intentions of this project are twofold. Firstly, to use footsteps as a focus for auditory attention, to simply hear afresh the sounds of walking or to notice their inaudibility. Like many other naturally occurring rhythmic or repetitive sounds, footsteps provide interest through both shifts in cadence and timbre, and their interaction with the acoustic environment. The sound of footsteps can provide feedback about our environment, our body and our state of being in the world. If we are feeling distracted and scattered, the sounds of walking can anchor us more firmly to the present moment. My second intention, is to use the sound of slow walking to play with attention and perspective, developing listening exercises that employ field recording, imaginative role play, games and specific auditory cues to engage the interest of practitioners and help them return to what is present.