finding silence

through sound

Small Silence


Small Silence is a quietly creative organisation dedicated to improving mental health and wellbeing through the arts.

With a focus on sound and listening,

Small Silence uses sound art practices to nurture wellbeing and connect with quiet.

How we support wellbeing

Paying attention to the present moment (


Care-full, attentive listening helps us slow down, develop a calm focus and appreciate everyday experiences more intensely, encouraging us to be more compassionate towards ourselves, others and the environment.

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Connection with others

Making art brings people together in a relaxed and friendly environment, encouraging the exchange of ideas, stories and experiences, while promoting cooperation, friendship and feelings of belonging.

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By sharing our experiences and creations we can inspire others, spark their interest, make them smile and foster understanding. Quietly connecting with others nurtures positive feelings of purpose and self-worth.


Keeping active

Soundwalks, field recording and other slow arts activities get us out and about, benefitting our health and wellbeing.



Sound arts practice develops a range of personal, creative and technical skills that boost self-confidence, raise self-esteem and foster a sense of purpose.

Paying attention to the present moment.p

Accessing Quiet

Small Silence is committed to protecting and promoting access to public quiet spaces, helping us to experience positive silences in the day that support our wellbeing.

What we do


We offer listening and sound art-based wellbeing workshops for charities, groups, businesses and other organisations.


We develop, deliver and integrate e-health initiatives that employ digital and social media for wellbeing.


We deliver workshops in schools, colleges, universities and non-formal educational settings exploring wellbeing through the arts.

quiet space

We work with local people and partner organisations to encourage access to quiet spaces through soundwalks, mapping, workshops and certification.

The distinctive benefits of listening and sound art

for mental health and wellbeing?


Finding fascination in the everyday and reconnecting with the soundscape helps us to appreciate the simple joy of listening and draws us back to the present, acknowledging our responses and substituting unhelpful thoughts with gentle curiosity, whilst growing in acceptance and awareness.

Listening is free and available to us. It does not require the investment of time and money in instruments, lessons, rehearsal space, recording equipment.



Much of the sound art work we do is based outside and in nature. As well as encouraging exercise, being immersed in the natural world offers a host of benefits to our mental health.


Unlike working in traditional musical styles, few people have preconceptions of how sound art should sound. This liberates creativity from awkward self-consciousness, personal expectations and the threat of other's judgements.


I just want to thank you for your field recording workshop, I really enjoyed it and would have loved to have spent more time with you for the editing process....It made me think about sound in a different way and prove very useful for my final degree show.”

— Tara (Reading University Fine Art Undergraduate)

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